Embedded Test & Measurement Tools

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ADM manufactures Embedded Design & Test Tools for various technologies like CPU, DSP, CPLD & FPGA.
Our Embedded Tools like Trainers, Logic Analyzers, Protocol Analysers, Compilers & Debuggers are  being used by various Industry & Educational Institutes all over the country.
Learn Embedded systems by joining our Training Course.

TKBase -Universal Embedded Kit: Novice to Mastery

Our Trainer kits will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in learning Embedded Systems
  • The #1 Trainer Kit & Course to Land a Job in Electronics
  • All necessary daughter boards  are included
  • 8085,8086,8051, ARM, PIC, DSP, CPLD, FPGA 
  • On board Keyboard, LED, LCD, ADC, DAC, Serial & USB
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8051. | PIC. | ATMEL. | ARM 7 & 9.| XILINX. | ALTERA. | LATTICE. | CPLD. | FPGA. |

LGLite - Capture & Stimulate
32 Digital Channels in Real Time @ 50Mhz

LGLite enhances your skills  to become a real embedded professional. Learn, how to use LGLite Logic Analyzer  & Pattern Generator to  Design & Debug Embedded Systems.
Thrive in your career.

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Cross Compiler, Simulator  & Debugger for  
Embedded Systems

Crossware UK -  C/C++ Compiler / Debugger and Simulator are unique tools to design, debug & interface Embedded System Software and Hardware. Use Jaguar USB debugger to single step codes directly on target hardware.

  • The #1 Embedded Software to Design & Debug  Embedded Products
  • All necessary  design & debug tools are included 
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Jaguar Debugger
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Services : Corporate training

Learn Embedded Systems  from the Professionals

Become part of a community that walks with you, during every stage of your learning.
  • Our Proudct design team assist clients  in each phase of embedded hardware & firmware product development.
  • We teach how to Design & Debug Industrial Embedded products using Embedded Software & Hardware tools.
  • Boost your confidence, master embedded systems, become an expert embedded professional.
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  • We offer products that give your brain a boost and includes hands-on training  to make sure you know what's going on in the field. 
  • We are committed to make learning as easy as possible.
  • Our training courseware are designed for fast learning , with minimum reading and time-saving assignments.

ADM Embedded products are great tools to learn fundamentals of Embedded Systems.
The Tools &  Courseware  provide a complete overview of Embedded systems, and it is taught in an easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to make a career in Embedded Systems.

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